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Tax Preparation Help

If you're seeking tax preparation help, it may be beneficial to employ the services of an enrolled agent (EA) or certified public accountant (CPA). CPAs and EAs have specialized training and education in the field of accounting, and some focus entirely on individual tax returns. If you have a typical tax return situation, it's often in your best interest to hire an EA or CPA for tax preparation help.

What if you do not have a typical situation?

You need someone that has experience specifically dealing with the IRS when the IRS is acting in a collections capacity. Tax preparation is very different than tax collections, and each aspect of tax code has complicated regulations. 


So, who can help you if you've already received a collection notice from the IRS?

If you need tax preparation help for back taxes, a tax firm like Itri & Co can help you bring your filings up to date and work with the IRS to find a solution to your problem.


Itri & Co can help you get out of tax debt, whether that means paying your debt in monthly installments, settling your debt for less, or waiting out tough economic times on the Currently Not Collectible list. 



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