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IRS Revenue Officer Help

IRS revenue officers are highly trained government employees that specialize in the collection of back taxes. If you owe back taxes, you will likely become familiar with the revenue officer in your region that is assigned to your case. IRS revenue officers have the authority to send notices, issue levies and liens, make collection calls, and visit your home or place of work in an attempt to collect back taxes. Should you already have a lien or levy on your property, revenue officers have the right to seize your property after appropriate notice.


The goal of an IRS revenue officer is to force the taxpayer into compliance, meaning that all back taxes are filed, and taxes owed plus assessed penalties are paid in full. It is the job of the officer to attempt to get the taxpayer to pay for their taxes in full instead of for a settled amount.


Since IRS revenue officers are skilled at aggressively pursuing taxpayers, you will want to get IRS revenue officer help from a tax firm as soon as you are contacted by an officer. By seeking the services of Itri & Co, you will create a buffer of experienced tax professionals between you and the IRS revenue officer. Instead of having the officer come to your home or place of business, hiring Itri & Co to represent you means that the officer will have to go through them instead of coming directly to you.


One of the most powerful tools a revenue officer can employ is intimidation. Although officers are required to treat you with respect and give you sufficient notice when placing a levy, lien, or seizing your assets, there are officers that do not comply with these requirements. Being verbally abused or swayed into believing that your tax debts must be paid in full immediately is overwhelming, and can be avoided by using the services of Itri & Co.


If an IRS revenue officer has contacted you, it's time to get IRS revenue officer help from the professionals at Itri & Co. The team at Itri & Co knows the tricks that revenue officers sometimes use, and can help you understand the truth of your situation. Not only will Itri & Co communicate with the officer for you, but they can help you settle your tax debt for less than you owe, taking care of your IRS problemspermanently.



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